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Maintenance and Care Information

Very Smart

From features that save you time and money to technology designed to make mowing easier, Honda mowers are a very smart choice.

  • Simple, easy to use features
  • Money Saving features that can reduce your cost of ownership
  • Adaptable features for your personal preferences
  • Reliable features designed to provide years of superior performance
  • Time Saving features that reduce your mowing time
HRJ216 K2 - World Class "Self Propelled Lawnmower"

Now an evergreen lawn can be yours without any hassles. Honda lawnmowers relive you from all the pain involved in cutting the grass. Complete within built hi-tech features the Honda Mower is designed to maintain beautiful gardens.

Sophisticated design coupled with advanced yet easy to use features make the product an ideal choice for extensive lawns. Convenience, Economy, Excellent performance is what you can expect from the world-class Honda Lawnmowers.

So, if your garden is your pride, the pride of your garden is Honda Lawnmowers.

Honda Lawnmower

Honda Lawnmower has long been recognized by the commercial landscaping and rental industries as the leader in providing reliable, quiet, fuel-efficient power.

  • Easy starting Advanced technology reduces the amount of effort needed to start the engine.
  • Durable Ask any pro - he'll tell you Honda engines are built to last. High quality materials and advanced design mean our engines are second to none.
  • A commitment to the environment Every Honda lawn mower meets the emissions regulations for all states.
  • Ample power No matter which Honda mower you choose, you can feel confident it's got more than enough power to do the job. 'Honda' 4 stroke OHV engine delivering more power and unmatched fuel efficiency.
High quality, reliable products

There's a reason Honda has such a superb reputation for quality and durability: high quality materials and superior engineering. We don't just bolt on someone else's engine. Every component we use is designed specifically by us, for us. It's all Honda, and you can have confidence it will last.

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