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Genuine Engine oil
Honda 4 Stroke
Genuine Engine oil

With advanced technology for your powerful and reliable Honda Power Products

Honda Genuine Oil

Honda Genuine Oil has an extensive distribution network consisting of 50 distributors & over 650 dealers servicing over 40,000 retail outlets across the country.
  • Developed for Honda Power Product Engines and tested by Honda R&D.
  • Genuine Engine Oil researched to give maximum engine performance for Honda Power Products Engines.
  • For effective performance, it is essential to recommend Honda Genuine Engine Oil for Honda Power Product Engines.

Benefits of HIPP genuine Oil

Friction Control

Reduce friction in lubricating parts and prevent friction losses


Prevent heating in all parts of the engine


Prevent leakage of compressed gas and combustion products from flowing into crank case.


Prevent pollution of degradation products to engine.

Transmission of power

Supply of lubricants to all parts of engine.

Rust prevention

Prevent corrosion of air and water to metal.

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