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It has come to our notice that certain persons/ agency are misleading candidates/users by claiming themselves to be authorized job agency/ promotional agency of "Honda India Power Products Ltd, Greater Noida" or by imitating our trade name "Honda or other deceptively similar names". They also advise the candidates/users to deposit a certain sum of money in LIEU of providing employment, interview/ promotional prizes.


We appreciate your interest in exploring career opportunities with us. At Honda we provide you with growth opportunities at every step of your career. We believe in providing a multi-faceted exposure across domains and roles that are equipped with a flexibility that allows you to discover your ideal role, and thus helping you achieve your true potential.

Join our Family

Winning hearts and creating harmony is our principal objective. Today’s business scenario is extremely dynamic in terms of technological advancements, customer expectations and environmental regulations which demands steady propulsion in the approach. Successful implementation of any business strategy thrives around the involvement of human capital in the organization's innovation and growth expedition blended with technology. HIPP is committed to taking on the challenges and making it an agile and a self-reliant organization and the best place to work.

Believe in the power of dreams!

Join us and be part of the journey in creating the “company society wants to exist” and be the cause of “joy of expanding life’s potential of people worldwide”. Honda’s greatest asset is its people. We believe in “Helping people and get things done”.
We welcome your association with us.

Work Culture

We strive for…………
“Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction”

Our Philosophy

The Honda philosophy consists of Fundamental Beliefs, the Company Principals, and Management Policies. The philosophy forms the basis of all activities and sets the standard for the conduct and decision making of all associates throughout the Honda Group. Driven by its dreams and reflecting its values, Honda will continue taking on challenges to share joys and excitement with customers and communities around the world to strive to become a company society wants to exist.


As organizations grow people join in that journey of success and get nurtured within. Availability of talent is extremely vital to any growing organization. We ceaselessly focus proper orientation and induction of one in the system, formulate career development plans and work upon succession planning. Critical roles identification with the enduring vision of succession is prevalent in HIPP and is being driven meticulously to spark the latent aptitude to take up higher roles in the hierarchy. Scientific assessment centers are used to explicitly identify and plan the leadership and functional competence.

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